VolaVola / Fly Me - the movie


The movie "Volavola / Fly me", is currently in post production and expected to be finished in the spring of 2009.

Volavola draft trailer, Hudson Mohawke version

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Volavola is about human beings, emotions becoming inevitably dull, the want not to surrender to habit always striving for more, and that love in need to be kept alive and preserved from its natural decay. There are two films in Volavola, both of them with the same screenplay. However, the first film will be shot in 3-D computer graphics, also exploring the virtual worlds of Second Life. The plot, as it unravels, specifically aims to disorient the viewer when it becomes increasingly difficult to understand what is actually real and what is not. Real avatars and real people, interpreting themselves, plus fictional characters, both computer generated and in flesh and blood, are all playing different roles throughout the entire picture. Finally, Volavola also deals in a sociological way, sometimes even surreal, with themes such as hacker ethics or the values shared in a virtual society, topics which are too often left out by science-fiction in general. The main message is to defend those values, as they play an important part in our cultural heritage by helping us to build a better place to live for everyone. The entire film will be set in Rome as the actual city and as a virtual one where it is now possible to meet characters coming from different virtual universes. The two films will be mirroring each-other. Although the pictures will be distributed through different medias.

Script Writers

Berardo Carboni who previously shot Shooting Silvio, wrote the script in collaboration whith the writer, Mario Gerosa author of the book Virtual Words and Second life, currently on its third reprint, chief-editor of “AD, architectural digest italia-” magazine and professor of cultural planning of the territory and comunication at the "Politecnico di Milano". Berardo Carboni. is also working on the direction of both parts of the production.

Creative Machinery is doing the machinimatography and compositing for the movie.