Creative Machinery organizes and curates events, seminars and workshops that are focussed on innovative art and research projects.
In Second Life Creative Machinery organizes Dorkbot SL. Dorkbot refers to a group of affiliated organizations worldwide that hold meetings of artists, engineers, and designers working in the medium of electronic art. Dorkbot SL wants to explore the new possibilities of the metaverse and tries to establish a platform for a glocal way of creating new connections and collaborations.
In collaboration with V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media Creative Machinery has organized seminars and events around the topic of immersive environments in Rotterdam, and as a Mixed Reality event both in Second Life and Rotterdam.


Creative Machinery has contributed to numerous international collaborative Art and Research projects that have been awarded and presented at festivals, galleries and musea all over the world, including Ars Electronica, DEAF and the Swiss National Museum. A selection of projects include Caterwaul, Check on Arrival, Watch That Sound, Deep Limb Sensation, The Mechanics of Emotions, and GATC / life.


In 2007 Creative Machinery started out recording art installations and performances in Second Life to be able to show the interesting projects happening there to non-residents, using the so-called machinima technique. This resulted in so many requests for videos that Creative Machinery now is doing video registrations of events and installations on a regular basis, but also uses the technique for art videos, video clips and narrative movies. These videos have been screened in Second Life, the Rome Film Fest and at the at the European Machinima Festival, where they were nominated in 3 different categories.
A selection of videos include seeing spOts, being dOts, Blink, and the nearly finished promo for the feature length movie fly me / volavola.